newbie to perth

Hey guys,
I am new to Perth and would appreciate any info on the best places to train over here.
Anyone have an opinion on Extreme/Fight Club in Osbourne Park?

the academy of HAVE-AT-YOU DO gets the two thumbs up from me! *two thumbs up and big cheesey grin*

I have an opinion on Extreme/ Fight Club in Osbourne Park. It is of course subjective, but as you would surmise yourself the previous posts were too. I think that it is a great school and there are many classes at different times of the day that can cater for your needs. Saying this it is up to you how well you succeed in how much you listen and how much you want to learn as well. Habby and Gene are pretty laid back and easy to get along with, they are both great teachers. There are good students there too that will be more then willing to help you out with your technique.

I am pretty sure Adam Metcalf's school The Academy is good as well so you won't really go wrong either way it is just a matter of location. I joined Extreme because I liked the way they trained and it looked like the closest thing to what I visioned a mixed martial arts school to look like so that was my reasoning. Both schools are great but I preferred Fight Club.

Dusk email me at I take the 7.00am BJJ Classes at Fight Club.

More then happy to chat to you

new guy huh? No pryor training? you should still go to adam metcalfs, and beat the tarr outta that fat bastid AMMO.( do some situps ammo)


Almost all clubs have a "first lesson free" policy. Go around to a couple and see what suits you best!