Newbie with some questions

So, I am probably going to start Muay Thai this summer in addition to continuing my BJJ/Judo and I have a question.

I am not exactly, well, the most in-shape person and I know Muay Thai uses a lot of kicks. Now, there is NO way I could land a headkick even if I tried but I was wondering would I be best to concentrate when I start training on leg kicks with body punches and punches to the head? Or is this something that my instructor will run me through and help me with?

I only bring up the headkick because I feel it is the easiest way to show that I am not exactly the most athletic person in the world. I do NOT bring it up cause I am trying to be Cro Cop or someone as a beginner.

Also, my dad was a Golden Gloves boxer in the 40s and part of the 50s (I am only 22) and I know training with a Muay Thai instructor in the gym is the best but let's say I want to work on my skills at home would there possibly be any advice that my dad would give me that I should DEFINITELY listen to? And on the flip side is there anything I should NOT listen to?

And last but not least what should I have with me for the first lesson/class I go to so I am fully prepared?

Thanks and please don't textually assault me?

While flexibility is important, you don't have to be real flexible to kick someone in their head. It's all about technique.

Being a long-time MuayThai guy, I would advise you that while leg kicks are very important, you should really train to kick the body. While kicking the head is good to be able to do, kicking the body is crucial.

One thing I can advise you as a beginner is that while MuayThai includes punches, kicks, elbows, knees, and clinchwork, you'll want to focus on the following...

1. stance
2. footwork
3. balance
4. kicks to the torso
5. clinch knees

These are your most fundamental MuayThai skills and the areas where most fights are won or lost. Boxing and kicks to the legs, while important skills, don't carry the same "weight" as what I've listed above.

In regards to your question about things your Dad might tell you to do, we've had 2 recent threads here in this forum you should look at.

Boxing "rules of thumb" (Souwer's padwork):

Muay Thai "rules of thumb":

Meh, we're thinking/talking about it too much. Just go to the gym and train. You'll get all your answers there.

awesome thread and thanks Khun, great insight in those links! I think your last line was the best, Go train and you'll get all your answers! haha

I remember a vid of a seminar with Jongsanan Fairtex basically saying "aim for the shoulder and let sweat and momentum do the rest" lol