Newest and best Fedor Gif eva !

 LOL @ special effects. Daz for real!

 Love it!

 that gif is the best haha

 Early stop IMO


Amazing gif. Good job whoever made it


way to keep those hands up Buck

MMA fuckin' rocks.


I was there and that was exactly how i remembered it. This ranks up there wit one of the best GIFs ever.


Early stoppage IMO, but great work on the gif! You guys are talented man!

sacredhate - MMA fuckin' rocks.

 +1 Awesome gif!

My god that is awesome.

4 l8r

shmuckothemighty - I love how the screen shakes when Rogers head hits it.

NOW that IS attention to detail


 Seconded.  Good stuff!

JimmersonzGlove -  Early stoppage, IMO

 Yup, Rogers doesn't need his head to fight, he just keeps throwing without looking anyway

I guess that's what Fedor was talking about after the fight. I knew something was a little off in the translation. When she said "leg play" or whatever it meant footwork.