Newest member of Team Jorge Gurgel

The Jorge Gurgel Jiu-Jitsu Association is proud to announce that we now have our first "international" school. Therefore, we would like to welcome our newest member... Fitness PLUS of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia (Canada)! Fitness PLUS already has a great stable of Muay Thai & MMA fighters...and recently proved at the Eastern Canadian Grappling Championships that their BJJ skills are on point as well!

Jorge loved his first trip to Canada, and will be back at least 2 more time in 2006 (maybe as soon as July)!

For more information about training at Fitness PLUS, please contact:

Scott MacLean
Fitness PLUS
850 Main Street
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

We are really excited about joining up with Team Jorge Gurgel. We hope to represent Jorge's strong work ethic attitude here in Canada. Anybody that wants to train with a team that has a great attitude and positive atmosphere are more than welcome to come down to the gym. Our new location at 850 Main Street(Highway#7) should be up and running within a couple of weeks. We are open at 1241 Cole Harbour Road in the meantime.


Is that still under De La Riva?

No, we left De La Riva's association a while ago. We still have much respect for him and his association and will remain friends.


UVRay's right. I thought they had a brazilian guy Guillerme or something under Delariva and then...?

Gui was here over a year ago for a few months. We let him go, and stayed with the De La Riva Association. After some serious thought we decided to leave his association and look elsewhere for an instructor that is more accessable. We are very pleased to become an affiliate school of Jorge Gurgel.