Newest Spartan wins at Boutwell

DJ Watkins, Spartan Fitness and the state of Alabamas only representative for tonights fights at Boutwell Auditorium wins 22 seconds into rd1 via flying armbar!

Spartan Fitness is quickly running out of apponents in the southeast!

Congratulations DJ

i'm gonna put him in a flying squirel this week!

sad part about it was dj was the 3rd to last fight when he shoulda been the main event!

 he should have been the main event, but wouldn't have made it to hooters in time for UFC main event!

^^^agreed. Get in. Get out. Get paid. Get to Hooters for the UFC.

Flying armbar! Cool. Congrats DJ!!

 Thanks guys.

That was you Pat? LOL I thought it was Steven or Joey

Dj showed up to Hooters that night wearing his "King of the Streets" t-shirt with all his tats, shaved head and goatee and immediately fit in with the rest of the pro fighters there. The Affliction was stronger than any UFC veiwing party I have ever been too. There was also a 16 year old kid walking around 'bowed up like he was ready to brawl at a moment's notice. He scared the crap out of bigworm.

16? really? he looked like he was 12.

you may be right. Now that I am older I am terrible about judging ages when it comes to teens. Just last night some girl told me she was 18 and it turned out....wait, what?

 please have a seat right over here