Hi, Im new here and im hoping ur not gunna be a bunch of arses or anything and be nice to me.

Most of the girls from down-unda are cool. Be cool and we'll be nice... ;)

ahhh always am.

are u for real?

but hi! damn, tapout beat me first!

Do you know stacy cartwright? If so then you can stay.

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Where are you from aussie? doing any training, and who with?

There's only a few on the UG that post regularly, Empahtik, WhiteWhale, RKing, AusBJJfan are some of them... No doubt you'll end up on the OG unless you like talking about MMA day-in day-out - love to see it, wont expect it.

Enjoy, oh and Nightcrawler is good people :)

Sorry maelwhirl, lol...

lol @ nitecrawler...


Problem is, all us "mma" guys want an "mma" girlfriend... ala Gazzy or Kyra etc., etc.. So I'm sure you'll be welcomed with open guards and lots of us guys taking your back... j/k ;)

Am I not good people, pulsar? Nitecrawler?

Group hug?

Just talking about the mortals on the board brian, you're way too nice a guy to be 'one of us'.

Oh and tapout is right, we all want a girl like you so I hope you're prepared to expect some... 'plays' :)

So, um, single?

Hey pulsar, I was here first!!! lol....

Welcome back, Demoness. I hope your stint in the kitchen was a true learning experience.

.... Have we been had striker? God, say it aint the MMA witch back to haunt us again.

pulsar called me "nice"......

WTF? Lol....

Nitecrawler, back at ya'.....

This just feels like Demoness using another name...

Sorry about afflicting this thread with the ghey brian... Bad choice of words, you understand I hope.

such a "n00b" he/she doesnt know the word lol