News about Alex Gong's case

I was really sad and disguted when in happend. I had the hopes of one day train whit him at fairtex. Any way yesterday I was watching a rerun of the top 10 martial arts in people & arts (wich by the way I have not overcome what they did to make such wonderfull assumpionts as to which arts are better)And for any budy that have missed it, the muay thai part of it is mainly focus on alex gong. I was wondering if after all this time form when his dead ocurred have there being any news? any people arrested? etc. It will make me really happy to see who did this behind bars and paying for what he did. So any one that knows any thing please share



The guy who did it killed himself after a police standoff in a motel.

How much time after the incident did he killed him self?


A 12-hour standoff with police in South San Francisco ended Monday with the suicide of a man wanted for questioning in the murder of a champion kickboxer.

The South San Francisco Police Department did not release the dead man's name, but San Francisco police confirmed that the man was a parolee wanted for questioning in last Friday's road rage murder in the South of Market neighborhood.

Monday morning, police had surrounded the Travelodge motel in South San Francisco, waiting for the suspect to come out.

"Approximately 12:23pm, there was reports from tactical units on the inner perimeter that there was a single shot fired," said Sgt. Mike Brosnan. "At 12:30, a tactical team entered the room and the individual was located underneath the mattress of the bed with a single gunshot wound to the head."

Friday, Alex Gong, 30, was shot while chasing down a Jeep that hit his parked car. The Jeep was found abandoned on the Peninsula, and a tipster told police that a man wanted for questioning was at the motel.

Gong was a world-renowned kickboxer, who headlined kickboxing fights in Las Vegas and often appeared on ESPN.

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Well there is not much more to say I guess, just that the best thing will be if this will have never happened.



MJ: You mean the guy that was holding the pads?

I'll try and see it tonight after training and look for him, as far as I remember there was some thai guy which is alwas on the fairtex corner holding the pads, but I'll look for the sparring part



Im getting on this thread a little late.<br>I do NOT want to sound like an ass because the death of Alex is really unfortunate.But the guy that killed himself has not been proven to be the actual killer.<br><br>Im not saying that he is innocent by any means.I`m just saying that the suicide might not have been related to this crime.

Go ahead and flame away.



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