NEWS FLASH: 60kg Category qualifie

Thought you all would love this news..........cheers

Dear Members of the USA Judo Community;

I was advised this afternoon by Bill Rosenberg, Executive Director of USA Judo, that Mr. Frank Fullerton, PJU Sports Director, has informed us that Cuba will not elect to utilize their male 60 kg. participation slot in the Athens Olympic Games. This is wonderful news for USA Judo in that the United States will now have an athlete eligible to participate in the upcoming Olympics. Last month at the USA Judo Senior National Championships and Board of Directors meeting, the Executive Committee in review of this possible scenario, received support of the Board of Directors to conduct the Olympic Trials in all weight categories. It is great news that the winner of the 60 kg. male category in San Jose, California will represent USA Judo in Athens. Good luck to all the 60 kg. qualifiers.

Warmest Regards;
Dr. Ron Tripp
USA Judo

why would CUBA not be going at -60??? makes no sense unless the guy is injured pretty badly or tested positive.

Wasn't there a world champion at -60kg?

Paulot I think? Or is he in -66kg?

Now now be nice to poor old Frank

Good for 60kg.

clown, if it isnt Poulot i understand. i wasnt aware that he retired... kinda odd timing to just retire when you are one of the world's best going into the olympic year.

im sure taylor weighs a good amount over 60kg right now. but, he has a few weeks and he can make the weight. he is always in phenominal conditioning-- kinda got to be when 75% of your matches go into OT.

then again, he could say "screw it" and fight -66 just becuase thats where his future is anyways-- stranger things have happened. though, im sure he will be going down.