News on Cameron's WWE Future reports that the feeling within WWE is that she probably would have been fine with management if not for the story coming out about her trying to bribe police with $10,000 and the fact that she didn't list WWE as her employer. Most feel that mistake might cost her job. With that said, there's still no word on what kind of action WWE will take.

I think they should punish her by making her do a porn video. Phone Post

WWE studios presents Cameron Gargles the Fuckasaurus Phone Post

 her and Naomi are starring with me lol

 They should fire Brodus for this.  Whether or not they fire the other two isn't important.

Radio Raheem - 

I think they should punish her by making her do a porn video. Phone Post

"The Funkydactyl Does A Pterodactyl"

Sounds like a winner

I would happily watch her in a gangbang. Just saying. Phone Post

WWE has suspended WWE Diva Cameron (Ariane Andrew) for an unspecified length of time following her DUI arrest last month and then not informing WWE of the offense, leading to the company finding out when it was made public. WWE has not made the length of her suspension public and will quietly take her off TV as one of Brodus Clay's dancers. Cameron worked the first day of the Raw brand's Australia tour over the weekend, then was pulled from the second and third shows. Phone Post

Not saying she deserves to be fired or not, but she is just a dancer.  They could easily just replace her and most people wouldn't know or care.

I'll be shocked if she doesn't get endeavoured. Tried to bribe the cop?

Linda says goodbye... Phone Post

so WWE paid for her ticket and lodging in Australia and yanked her after just one stop? then sent her home? kinda waste of money.. but WWE has plenty so its a drop in the bucket I guess. Phone Post

After Linda loses the race, they need to just start going there.

Punk; "Not only were you driving drunk, but you also tried to bribe the cop? How do you live with yourself?"

 I'm gonna miss this 


 Suspended for 15 days