Newscum: its not a covid passport

Except it is

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It’s not about the nail


I will not comply.


Good luck going to grocery stores , restaurants , bars, sporting events or any events (concerts etc) …

They say it’s up to the business , but just a matter of time before it’s required for EVERY business to verify if you’ve been vaccinated


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Guys, they’re not forcing you to get the vaccine… it’s just that without one you won’t be able to do anything. It’s SCIENCE!

Convicted criminals with a vaccine will have more rights than a regular citizen with no vaccine…


On paper.

Reality so far is the only time I wore a mask was because I promised my wife I would take her to Universal. I also told her I wasnt taking her anywhere else that requires it.

Work has a mask policy. I just dont comply and nobody says shit.

Stores all around here had mask policies… and I dont comply yet groceries still get bought.

If everyone just fucking stops being pussies that really is all it takes. Dont make a big deal out if it, just refuse to wear the fucking thing or get the shot and keep living your life.

Im not getting that stupid fucking shot.

It really is that easy.


My son just graduated 8th grade. I know, normally that’s kinda silly to say but he went to a private school that’s preK-8th so it is a cool little ceremony that they’re out and going to HS. They were supposed to wear masks walking down the aisle.

Here comes Woody Jr. …the only kid not wearing a mask. I was just as proud of that as him passing 8th grade, I didn’t tell him not to wear it, he just said screw you, you commies on his own.


Easy to say now.

How are you going to fly if all airports require it? Just book your ticket and run through the terminal like you’re a limo driver (Lloyd Christmas reference)?

If govt starts mandating vaccines for lage gatherings, you’re ok with just never going to another sporting event, concert or public gathering? Or are you just going to magically sneak in?

I understand saying fuck it… that’s what I’ve been doing this whole time. The problem is that may no longer work in the future and being ignorant isn’t going to change it.

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I can give up airports and big gatherings for another year or two before they either prove that the vaccines are long term safe or they drop all this bull shit. Although I have been to some large indoor and outdoor sporting events recently, I could give it up.


If it means I have to comply…then yes, I’m willing to give those things up. I was born and raised in America, with American values, I will never allow the government to mandate an injection into my body. And I’m not anti-vax, in fact I think I’m up to date as I just got my tetanus a few months ago. But I don’t get the flu shot and I’m not getting this


Don’t give up shit.
Print a fake one and live your life.

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Corporations started this in 2020 under the guise of safety. Shop online we will put it to your car for you. They knew one day people wouldn’t be allowed in.

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You need to move too a more conservative state, I was shocked when you moved from mass to California, Maine looks like Florida compared to those two. Be safe.

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You are getting what the state voted for. Top down control from a single party government.

Damn, even here in PA we’re back to normal. Masks optional with no proof of vax everywhere but the pharmacies(which I can totally understand and fully support, as pharmacies naturally attract people with pre-existing conditions).

That’s the shit we should’ve been doing from day one. Focusing on those actually at risk.

Its just digital verification, not a passport. Bullshit

I went to Sprouts with no mask. It felt great! Lots of anti-Trump maskers still rocking them and giving me nervous looks. Don’t care.

My work is apparently going to stick to the new OSHA bullshit and they’ve got some secret list of vaccinations. HIPAA much? Oh well, I have a scarlet-colored mask I’ll be wearing.

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I keep a mask in my pocket and I read the room. Out of curtesy and respect, I’ll wear if need be. I’m a Californian temporarily in Kansas. Almost no one is wearing masks out here. I want out of California.

Same here in target and vons. I identify as vaccinated!


What’s the difference of digital verification and a passport? Both are meant to not let you into businesses unless you’re vaccinated…Lol such bullshit

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