newton-charuto-renzo questions!!?

ok.. renzo is a adcc multiple time winner who is regarded as one of the best grapplers in teh world. in fact i think the concensus vote here on the ug is that charuto would get smoked on the ground vs. renzo.

however.. i remember in newtons fight with renzo... newton took side control many times and actually kept it a somewhat competitive bjj match.

so how did charuto smoke him so bad on the ground? renzo went for subs.. i know that. i also know that charuto is good on the ground to. but how does he make carlos look so bad.

how did carlos do so well on the ground vs. renzo?

how did carlos look so bad vs. charuto?

still both matches were pretty much all about grappling despite som breif exchanges by charuto an newton

Charuto was much more focused on position and keeping the top than Renzo was. Plus Charuto hits way harder.

Been thinking about this all week.

spanklock, you hit it on the nose.

i highly doubt in a bjj match that charuto would smoke renzo. infact i think most would agree with me. i don tknow though. i havent seen to much of charuto. ill say this though. he impressed the hell out of me.

charuto is damn good.

newton needs to stay at 185 by the way. his cutting weight to make 170 is just dumb. at that weight his cardio lacks and hes sluggish and slow. at 185.. his more natural weight.. he looks damn impressive. his fights with renzo and pele speak for themselves. he was damn impressive in both. his fight with silva was damn impressive to...but the ko in undiusputed. tha fight should not have been stood upo though. he was completely kickin the crap outta anderson silva.

"i highly doubt in a bjj match that charuto would smoke renzo"

It wasnt a BJJ match. I seriously doubt that Renzo could beat Charuto in a kicboxing match, so what? It is MMA, and everything is different.

I know it's verboten - respect the winner, and all that. And I have tremendous respect for Charuto! But I just don't think Carlos had his A-game with him that night. In other words, there's that other variable involved.

well newton was like 194 against renzo. size advantage. and he said he felt super bad at 175 against charuto. i think charuto would beat renzo - better standup, reach, and takedown defense. straight bjj in mma would be close

carlos' weight, styles make fights. ring and octagon diff. rules diff. reason for fighting diff

Charuto is just that good............... I also think a fight with Renzo would be great, but Charuto would win. His stand up is better and while on the ground he always finds himself in a pretty good position.

i think the main difference is that verrismo controlled the clinches standing and the standup. it left carlos desperate and it showed on the ground.

IMO, Carlos looked like poop vs. Charuto.

The effects of cutting weight were obvious.

Charuto has the total package! He has awesome
ground, aweome takedowns, awesome takedown
defense and world class striking! Charuto is the
new age of fighters in the sport!

i heard renzo didint train at all for that fight and highley underestimated the ronin master.

Lots of silly things are being said on this thread. Renato is really good on the ground, and is a way better MMaer than the other two guys mentioned. His BJJ for MMA is alos superior. Carlos beat Renzo because he is a superior athlete.

Charuto dominated the fight vs Newton Standing and controlled Carlos on the ground, there is no reason to make excuses for Newton losing. All fighters lose at some point if they face enough challenges, it happens. Charuto is a black belt in jui-jitsu,(and his stand up was very good)so Carlos losing to him is not unbelievable.

And to the guy still upset over Newton getting stood up with Silva, get over it, I'm sure Carlos is not whining about it and he was never kicking the crap out of Silva, rewatch the fight. Silva did not appear in danger to me.

i dont think there can be any exscuses. do or do not, their is now try.

Fighters cant keep up the level they have set forever.

Charuto is fresh new badass blood.

It is possible that Renzo and Newton are not on the level they were before.

Possible changing of the guard.

(though I still think we have some to see from Newton still).

CharlesFFA is correct, Charuto's standup and clinchwork dictated the way that fight worked on the ground. It's much harder to force a bjj game on someone in mma when they don't respect your striking. Not that Renzo's bad by any means but Charuto is just that good.