Newton's entrance music

Anybody know the name of the song Carlos came into the ring with tonight?



I believe it was Hawke: God Within, if I recall correctly.


hey elitevibe- if you find it out can u e mail it to me, this would be hugely appreciated-

thanks bro

try Gavin Hardkiss he records under that too.



It's on the Tomb Raider soundtrack.

I thought it was just a plain old Massive Attack track, no special DJ mix or rave track..

Regardless all of their stuff is kickass ambient. Especially for when you need background music when gettin some booty.

Dont know for sure, sure sounded like Massive Attack or Transglobal Underground to me.....

Great Track you are thinking of, an all time classic...

has been remixed and re-released...

'hardkiss bros' aka 'god within'

Track also know as 'Raincry'


the song is called "song of life" by leftfield from the album "leftism". You can download it on I-tunes.

Ah, I knew I had it in some of my stuff. That's the album with Open Up, w/ John Lydon right? I've got that and Rhythm & Stealth.

What the fuck song is it actually?


what I said is correct. check i-tunes yourself for proof. I've been listening to it on my drives to work lately. it's a great song

"I used to D.J. underground Rave music..."

- sorry but lol.