Next Fight

... I might use this for entrance music.

What you think?

Personally, I think its a bad entrance song!

keep looking joe!



go with culture club

go with culture club

"you have to use the Karate Kid theme song. "your the best around" !!!!!!!"

I would piss my pants if you did this

If you did this, your popularity on the UG would soar to such celeberity status you would be forced to secure restraining orders against most of them.

Be careful and choose wisely, young creepy jedi.

This one is probably a MILLION times better...but that is just my opinion...

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It's tough to hear Kermit dropping the f bomb!

joe if you come out to anything remotely funny you will elevate your UG status to something akin of legend.

only to be defeated if Keith Jardine would ever do the technoviking thing... no one could touch that

Joe, when will your next fight be and are you living in Hawaii full time now or just when you train?

Joe come out to that Karate kid song. OMFG. Instant lifelong cult hero status.

Plus that shit has got to get you pumped if you are a red blooded american. That or Eye of the tiger.


I legit almost used this song for my last fight... too many people said it was too Diego'ish though....

"Don't let me be misunderstood" from the Kill Bill Soundtrack...

Sound quality isnt very good on this video... but if you have the song downloaded start it around the 36 second mark and thats what I was going to come out to.

Karate Kid Song for SURE!!

Put him in a body bag johnny!

Another one I listen to in the gym is
"The Obvious Child" by Paul Simon for some reason.

Come out to whodini "Friends"

I would suggest sweeping the leg

Joe, I don't even want to hear from you unless you start having Buffer announce you as