Next Fights for UFN 13 Fighters


Florian vs. Huerta

Lauzon vs. Thomas

Aurelio vs. Griffin

Guida vs. Stevenson

Maynard vs. Neer

Diaz vs. Edgar

Irvin vs. Hamill

Alexander vs. Boetsch

Johnson vs. Sotriopolous


Fitch vs. Alves II

Karo vs. Wilson


Karo vs. Alves II

It appears that nobody is interested in my exercise in mental masturbation.

 I think Fitch gets the next title shot no matter what.

And Alves has no reason to fight Karo again. I think Fitch gets the next title shot and you have the winner of Koscheck and Chris Lytle fight Alves possibly.

 You can't have Alves vs. Fitch II because you need someone to fight the winner of Fitch/the champion.

So, I think Alves is next to bat after Fitch so to speak. I think Fitch will wait this one out until there is a champion and then he'll be fighting for the title, possibly in August.

I think Alves will fight one more time, like I said, probably against the winner of Koscheck and Lytle or maybe Diego.

Karo will probably go back to the drawing board and fight someone like Chris Wilson next.

I was operating under the assumption that if Serra wins, Hughes will get the next title shot. If this is not the case then it changes things a bit. I agree that Alves is in line right after Fitch now. I disagree that there is no point to Alves/Karo II. The stoppage was a little quick and a rematch would clear things up. If Alves isn't going to end up with a title shot in the next couple of fights, he may as well rematch Karo since the other big names in the division will most likely be busy.

 I think Florian gets the winner of BJ/Sherk, though Florian/Huerta might make some sense.


Why would Diaz get Edgar who just lost?  Diaz/Griffin would be a good fight.

 I'll say it again,  ALVES vs. DAVIS II damnit!!!

I agree that Diaz/Edgar won't happen with Frankie losing. Also, why in the world would Aurelio get Griffin? That win last night wasn't nearly impressive enough to deserve a shot at Griffin.

I think you have to go Diaz/Griffin and then maybe go Aurelio/Edgar. I know Aurelio just won, but come on, he wasn't exactly fighting the toughest competition.

"ALVES vs. DAVIS II damnit!!!"

Maybe if Davis beats Swick, that could be a possibility.

"I think Florian gets the winner of BJ/Sherk, though Florian/Huerta might make some sense."

I think they'd be hesitant to set up Sherk/Florian II right now. If BJ wins you may be right.

"Why would Diaz get Edgar who just lost? Diaz/Griffin would be a good fight."

Edgar is still a pretty big step up for Diaz. They could do Diaz/Neer instead since Neer is coming off a win, but I think they'd rather do Diaz/Edgar since Edgar has more name value. A Diaz/Maynard TUF rematch could be a possibility as well.

Alves vs. Diego sometime in September/October. If Alves wins, he gets the next title shot against GSP/Serra/Fitch

Kenny Florian vs. Roger Huerta
Joe Lauzon vs. Marcus Aurelio
Gray Maynard vs. Clay Guida
Frankie Edgar vs. Joe Stevenson
Josh Neer vs. Sam Stout
Nate Diaz vs. Spencer Fisher
Kurt Pellegrino vs. Tyson Griffin
Manny Gamburyan vs. Thiago Tavares
Din Thomas vs. Rob Emerson
Thiago Alves vs. Marcus Davis/Mike Swick
Karo Parysian vs. Josh Koscheck
Anthony Johnson vs. Chris Lytle
George Sotiropolous vs. Dustin Hazelett
Matt Hamill vs. Dan Henderson?
James Irvin vs. Stephen Bonnar
Houston Alexander vs. Tim Boetsch