Next for Chuck? Wandi, lyoto, shog

Who should chuck fight next? Wandi Silva would be best, Winner of Rashad Vs. Tito, Lyoto, Wilson Goveia, Forrest Griffen, Shogun, Lil Nog, Sodojoku, Arona, etc. SO MANY MATCHES>

I love watching Chuck liddel fight and I cannot wait for his next match!

wand seems like a logical choice, its a shame they couldn't fight while they were both on top but it would be fun now


Liddell v Wanderlei!!!! That's the biggest fight out there.

Liddell against Rua would be good, but not yet! Lyoto would be a terrible fight because both are counter fighters!

Lets do the easy shit now and the hard shit later. Rashad, Forrest, Jardine, is still out there.

id kinda like to see chuck vs hendo for the chance to fight rampage

Ryoto Machida





I agree either Wand or Jardine.

Joe Son to get a quick win under his belt.