Next for Siver?

I don't want Siver's dominant performance to be forgotten on here.

Sure, he beat Phan who seems to get beaten pretty badly by most opponents in the UFC, but it was still a stamp of authority by Siver in his 2nd FW fight imo.

In a division with a lot of up and coming talent, but few established contenders (besides, say Aldo, Korean Zombie and i guess now Edgar) I think Siver is right up there in the top 7 at least.

I'd love to see him and Cub Swanson slug it out. FOTN potential for sure!

Cub or Mendes. If they cant get a replacement for Mendes next week I say push him back to 156 or 157 in Feb and do Siver/Mendes.

145 is turning out to be a very exciting division.  siver looked ravishing.

Cub Swanson or Mendes would both be great fights. Siver needs a step up in competition at 145 for sure.

Siver looked great. A step up is in order. I like the Cub Swanson idea. That would be an exciting fight. Mendes is a serious threat for Siver. His wrestling would be hard to over come. 145 is quickly becoming one of my favorite divisons.

He looked unreal tonight, definitely improving.

Dennis Siver looked great in his open workout tonight.

Siver was freakin impressive tonite man, that was fun to watch. His workrate was insane and he never did really seem to gas. Can't wait to see what he can do at 145.

Big fan of Siver he did great. Phone Post

Maybe a Pearson rematch, think he would get revenge. And I'm a Pearson fan Phone Post

Silver Vs. Winner of Koch/Lamas or fight Korean Zombie. Phone Post

Hioki/Dustin winner Phone Post

Looks like he's fighting Cub!!