Next gen consoles.

So I currently own an Xbox 360, was going to buy a next gen Xbox but now I'm thinking of switching to a PS4.

The main reasons for the switch:
PS4 seems to be more powerful system.
Focus as it being a games console as core.
Not having to pay a yearly subscription to play online anymore.
I'm generally more interested in games that are on both consoles so exclusives are not an issue.
Seemingly at the moment to be able to play second hand games without any issues.
I like the idea of the share button especially if you can link to your YouTube account.
People I know in real life generally own playstations.
Lack of available features of Xbox one in Australia. (TV stuff etc is more US based)

Cons I have at the moment:
Have met alot of good friends on Xbox live (but a few are talking owning both consoles or switching)
PS4 most likely to cost more.
300,000 servers for Xbox one live compared to what PS4 will offer online.

Anyway my gut at the moment is saying PS4, but I'm still waiting to see E3 and future announcements etc. I might not even rush straight in and stick with my 360 for a while.

How do others feel at the moment on next gen? Phone Post 3.0

zetti - Will wait for E3 before making up my mind, but I have been an Xbox fan boy from day one. I don't know if the next generation will change that or not.
Yeah I guess I have had alot of different consoles each generation, started back on a master system 2 in the day, then have had a snes, n64, ps2, dreamcast, GameCube, and now 360. I don't honestly have ties to anyone brand. Phone Post 3.0

i am going to wait at least a year before they come out. Not only are the initially released systems usually full of bugs and problems, but the price will drop significantly after a year or more.

i still have tons of games to play on my PS3, it sucks i will have to wait for EA UFC, and fallout 4, and GTA 5, but no way would i ever buy a next gen right when they come out.

E3, but yeah, probably PS4. MS seems to have pooched it on the One.

I am most likely buying neither. I have a pretty bad ass gaming PC. The PS4 sounds like it won't play my old PS3 games and I know the XBox won't. So I am giving this gen a pass.

There was a leak on India for the xbox price ... brutal you are looking at close to1g for the xbox. ..1 game and live!

Especially when Sony said they are willing to take a loss on the ps4 and they would love it too be close to 400 Phone Post

I'm going that's wrong cause I'm a Halo fan boy! ..I even got the 360 halo 4 edition. .I need to finish the reclaimer trilogy Phone Post

Jockey -
Gerbacio -  There was a leak on India for the xbox price ... brutal you are looking at close to1g for the xbox. ..1 game and live!

Especially when Sony said they are willing to take a loss on the ps4 and they would love it too be close to 400 Phone Post

lol @ so much false information in 1 post

Leaks are usually not accurate and expected price is around 500...I wasnt stating a fact

I am hoping the xbox is the cheaper one since honestly I am almosy forced to get it due to halo being my favorite game series of all time!

I dont even care if it's not as powerful since it won't matter for game play

Sorry if it offended you Phone Post

Jockey - ^^ nah I don't care but you pulled all that "info" straight out of your ass lol



599.99 British Pound Sterling equals
910.90 US Dollar
400 British Pound Sterling equals
607.28 US Dollar

Jockey - Yea and here's one for 399:

Bottom line is none of these sites have any "inside info" because the price hasn't been revealed by M$ yet. Just a bunch of random sites making random guesses, essentially worthless info.

399.99 British Pound Sterling equals

607.26 US Dollar




 dude the link you posted is pounds! ...i live in the USA the conversion comes down to 607.26




Might get a Wii U and wait a little while and get a ps4. Might get ps4 on launch as well I just don't know. I think gta5 on ps3 will keep me entertained for a while. Phone Post

Xbox one for me. All this shit talk is bonkers, wait and see Phone Post 3.0

E3 this year might be the best e3 ever. .. Sony and Microsoft ate going to go at it Phone Post

i have a 360 and am leaning towards a PS4 this gen. most of my friends have Xbox's but those are 360's. It might change next gen.

the quality of MS electronics were horrible. went through two 360's and about 5 controllers.

XB 1 will be 500 or less. No question about it. If more, they will not sell. I would bet a hand on it. Phone Post

it all depends on the drm in the consoles. if microsft really go through with what that drm shit, then xbox is doomed in europe. i can guarantee that. if sony does it too. then goodbye ps4 as well.

just imagine owning a console that you bought. that needs always kinect on, internet connection on, you cant even swap games with your friends or family.

and for what? so microsoft gets those add dollars, then basicly control your tv stuff now as well. if you connect your tvbox through their console.

as i see it microsoft, should pay me, for having that console in the livingroom. not the other way around. or how stupid do they think we are?

Sony came in to this generation arrogant as hell, they got humbled pretty quickly once people started spending their money elsewhere. I predict the same thing will happen to Microsoft. I guarantee you they have built within the system, the ability to get rid of the whole used game sign in crap they are trying to pull. It's funny how they used the Kinect as a huge selling point for the 360, now it seems Kinect is acting as a deterrent for potential customers.

Has a share button so you can upload game footage online easily.
Will dl the beginning of a game first so you can start playing it without fully downloading it.
Thats all I can think of atm. Phone Post

I really don't understand Microsoft and there obsession with TV what's next are they wanting to follow amazon and start making TV shows. Phone Post