Next Gen Hitman? Thief?

are they making a new Hitman? I haven't heard any news, but a next-gen version would be awesome if they got the controls right. I always loved the multiple ways to finish missions, and was hoping Assassin's Creed would be more like this than what it turned out to be.

Also, I vaguely remember hearing of a new Thief being under development. Can anyone confirm?

There is already a current gen Hitman game (Blood Money).

New additions to each series have been announced, though I don't believe there's any info on either game yet.

so a non ps3-360 hitman?

invalid - so a non ps3-360 hitman?

Not quite sure what you mean.

Blood Money was released on the PC, so I assume the next one will be as well.

New Hitman is def in development, and I've read things about a new thief being in development as well a while back but can't confirm 100%.

The Hitmen games were FAR superior to Assassin's Creed.

 Both Hitman and Thief are under development.

Hitman is fun as hell

orcus -  Both Hitman and Thief are under development.

now that's what i want to hear!