Next Generation in London

Hey Chris,

Some idiot who posts on here as skelboy and is a bounce in London has opened his own club and is naming it the same name as you club. He is also bragging on fightsport that he could beat you because he is such a bad ass submission grappler. What a knob.

Just thought I would let you know in case you have copyright on the name or anything.

He is full of shit along with everything else that has ever been posted on that forum. He isn't opening up shit. There is already a NG in England and the only thing Skellboy will be doing is getting Skullfucked by Rimmer and Tan.

Thanks for the info though

no problem dude.

TTT for scullfucking

There is a NG in London? Cool - can you give me the address??



ttt for me wanting to train with NG in London.

Its not a legit NG dude

We have an NG in Liverpool. The one in London is a jerk off wanker trying to front...

Shame. Thanks for letting me know.

Hot Potato- I am very suprised

Sure you provide the school and I will provide the instructor. :)