Next Martial Art Boom

The 1970's were the Kung fu era because of Bruce Lee and the Kung Fu show. The 1980's was the Ninja boom. The 1990's was GJJ/BJJ. And now its MMA. So what will be the next big MArtial Arts boom?

Muay Thai baby

TTT for kung fu

/// engage rant shield ///

People NEED to STOP calling MMA a "martial art".... it's NOT a martial art... it's very far FROM a martial art in fact...

Real martial 'arts' (as the name implies) has always had an 'artistic' side to it as well as a combative side. MMA has NOT got an 'artistic' side to it in the slightest way...

In fact... it's a gross freak'n'stien bastardization of a few basic styles. One of which is wrestling?! HAHAA... anywho... BJJ is the only real 'artform' that MMA contains...

So... i guess that MIGHT actually validate it as a 'form' of 'art' then.... gdi...

But actually, no... NO i say unto thee!

BJJ unto ITSELF is an art, but not when combined with punching and kicking and wrestling...

Oh and let's not forget elbowing, stomping, and kneeing to the head... HAHAHA yeah... REAL artistic huh...

/// disengage rant shield ///

PS: i guess i should at least add something to the thread... so i'll venture a prediction that in the not too distant future... tag-team MMA will imerge. :)

I dont know. Judo and Tae Kwon Do are still the top 2 in popularity. Maybe its because of Olympic inclusion. Hopefully BJJ will be there one day and even a modified(Head gear)version of MMA.

Nicely put voiceofreason.

Ty for adding some clarity without the tempered 'flame' that might normally be thrown on that subject.

Still here people I hear people (when they see me carrying Thai pads) say he does 'Tae Bo' when I am on the El in Chicago. Something tells me that most people are still looking at the Bruce Lee (boom) and wondering how many refugees Billy Blanks has rescued. Relax...most people still think TKD is the end all, beat all.

MMA is not a Martial art it is a sport. A sport that athletes who practice in multiple arts can fight.

The next big thing with be Glima; Icelandic Folk Wrestling.

Umm...Martial Art means Art of War/Fighting. Do you know the history of martial arts, especially the evolution of Ju-Jitsu into Judo and then into BJJ? Jitsu implies that the martial art isn't an art at all but a method, "Do" implies that it is an art. Martial arts didn't arise as an art form or form of discipline, they formed out of a need for a society to protect themselves without weapons. Wrestling, Boxing, Thai boxing, BJJ, TKD, KM, Akido, AkiJitsu, Shodokan, whatever, they are all combat arts/martial arts.

African Judo


I believe Aikido to make a huge comeback ala Steven Seagal.

MMA will never overtake traditional martial arts because of the need for full contact hardcore training.

I was just speaking to somone this morning who is getting ready for TKD forms competition. He loves it and said he hopes to be like his instructor who is almost 70 and still amazing at forms.

It'll just gradually evolve into "fight to the death" matches....

weapons. and the dog brothers will be the gracie's of this new revolution. mmma with kali added in. thats were my $49.99 will be going.

"People NEED to STOP calling MMA a "martial art".... it's NOT a martial art."

you are wrong.

boxing can be a martial art, so can any combat sport. It's called the Sweet Science, but while it is scientific it is no science, it's an artform.

MMA is definitely a martial art.

if you don't think MMA is artistic then you either don't know enough about the technical end of the sport or you have a maldeveloped standard for what is "art" and what isn't.

anyone who can sit around telling me Mo Smith kicking the shit out of Coleman isn't art, that Saku's performance in the ring isn't art, that what Fedor and Randy have done in the ring isn't art, doesn't need to be on this board.

Flying/flashy kicks and spinning kicks thrown more often. Whether the techs come from tkd, kung-fu or karate doesn't matter. It's the next logical evolution as striking ability increases. Moves originally dismissed by MMAers but still trained in TMAs.

The "art" side of MMA is the successful application of various arts. The blending and the actualization is the art. Just as the art in painting is the application of the strokes to create the finished work.

Art is in the eye of the beholder

I feel sorry for the people who think that MMA can't instill the same values that traditional martial arts offer.

I predict the Hegelian-like end of MArtial Arts is upon us. MMA is the ultimate and final form of Martial Art.

I disagree - the ULTIMATE form of martial art contains weapons.  "Ultimate" meaning the combination of effectiveness with efficiency.  Nuke-Jitsu is the ULTIMATE martial art, LOL.