Next month in Bangkok

I'm spending 9 days in Bangkok and going to the Fairtex camp to train.

I will be videoing a Muay Thai TRAINING documentary while there.

Assuming I can only visit 1 other Bangkok camp, what would you recomend?

How can I find out what fight cards will be at the stadiums on theose 2 weekends, the web sites are way out of date?

Is anyone IN Bangkok and would like to hook up while I'm there?

What is a good tip for a Thai Trainer, is US Dollars OK to tip them in, and do you tip before or after your stay?

Would the Thai's at the camp considier USKickboxing and USMuayThai tee-shirts fun gifts (not gratuity, just gifts)

Thanks in advance !!


Without a doubt - KAEWSAMRIT

Have a friend from NYC there now for a month before coming back to clean up the lightweight division on the East Coast. You can email Rob Cox ( about your plans and as he is firmly entrenched as a reporter and manager, he'll have the scoop on Lumpinee and Raja cards. The site updates the promotions routinely and Rob reports for them. Tips - $1000 baht to your trainer after your training and as they probably won't be heading to the bank, baht is better. Shirts are a great gift too. Enjoy your trip, Joe.

PS - If you haven't scheduled yet, Anuwat is fighting Ronachai (5th time) at Lumpinee late Jan or early Feb!!

Great tips - thanks !!