Next Ohio based fighter to UFC?

vengence has just WRECKED the correct.

I vote for hendricks, and sylvester There ready, and the UFC needs more heavyweight competition.

Matt Masterson is on the verge. I also think Alan Fenn is another guy that could make it.

OHIO Xtreme Fighting Championship (OXF)

Dayton Ohio, Will be home to the OXF starting in Sept/Oct 06. The circuit follows all mma laws set down by the state of Ohio for both amateur and professional fights.

Any amateur mma fighters interested in fighting for the OXF please contact Mike Patt at

"Souder would Wreck Dent if they fought again"

Maybe yes... maybe no, it's pure speculation.

I vote Jason Dent.

Masterson is going to be a stud.

Hendricks, Dent and Whitesel are all fighting Oct 7th in Cleveland. Wince will be in the GF cage Dec 2nd and I am working on getting little D a fight if the UFC doesnt snag him first.

Salmon will be there soon;) Matt Masterson is going to make a name for himself.


I have a guy I would loove to get on for the Oct. show... 155lbs, would be his 2nd Pro. fight.  He is looking to do big things at 155lbs!

He trains full time with Rich, Jorge, and the crew...and is even spending 2 weeks out in SLC to train with Horn and the rest...

Really want to fight in last sept. or Oct.

I will call you today to see what we can do.

As for the others...we will talk.

Dustin Ware

Sounds good D. Like Ive said before....always have room for your fighters.

I agree with Mike F. Salmon will be in the UFC by the end of the year... probably sooner. He's got the skills and athleticism to give a lot of guys at 205 fits. If you think Evans and Hamill have good takedowns and ground control, you haven't seen anything yet.

Don't know about Hendricks. I've seen him beat a lot of C level fighters locally but he hasn't had much success against A-list fighters.

Dent and Hazelett are certainly on the verge, especially Hazelett. His DOMINANT wins in the EC over the last few months should solidify his right to be in the UFC 170lb division (although he may be a little under-sized for some of them?). Dent has a ton of fights, has racked up some good wins, and is very
dangerous on his feet with a solid submission game. He could be a really welcome addition to the 155 division.

Even though he holds a win over a teammate of mine, I have to say that Masterson could be the next Strong Style fighter to make the jump. His striking is powerfull and he's no slouch on the ground. His only weakness that I've seen may be takedown defense and/or cardio. Granted, the times where I've seen him get taken down were against some VERY good wrestlers in Rex Holman and Chris Price. He pulled off a good sub on Holman but got tired against Price. Still, he's an exciting fighter who is very good at what he does.

Oh, and about Souder running over Dent... didn't he already get a chance to do that in Cleveland and ended up TKO'd?

with the state of the ufc heavyweight divsion
hendricks should be there already very tough guy.
mitch whitesel is also an machine he's much better
than his record he took the fight with chris price on a four day notice. under new management now he wont take a fight without 6 weeks notice. dent belongs because hes so exciting. dent vs nick diaz silva lets get this one signed.

"Heavy J" is a tough fighter. Wrestled with Josh at ashland university. Excellent wrestler with great stand-up. Hope to see him in UFC soon!

I thought Souder was looking good against Dent until that cut. Just my opinion.

Lots of tough folks come outta Ohio. 

that said...


That is just SOOOOO wrong. I thought you were cool, till you went and mentioned the ghey, oops, i mean the Blue.

THE OSU is #1!

ps. Ann Arbor is a whore!

Didnt Dent win because of a cut?

And from what I am told Souder was manhandling him in that fight.....

Dustin, who is your 155er yo?

The vid of Dent vs Souder is up on our site for another two days before we change it for the week. I think it was a great fight until the cut and would love to see them match up again down the road.

Ohio is on fire w/ talent. I have reffed over 600 fights since since 1998. Wes & I had the first cage in Ohio. Just look around us !! Not to even mention the pioneers like Coleman & Kevin & Bobish but ....I helped start Bullrider,Tommy Ridenbaugh,Hell Gurgel fought one of his first fights in my Chillicothe show & Josh Rafferty was in his corner. Gurgel/Ware guys,Nangles guys,Hendricks,Salmon, PKW guys,Marcus Maranelli (sp)guys,Next Level am. guys in Stubenville are off the charts. Forest Griffen is from Columbus & fought in Stubnvl..Is Petz Ohio? Hinkle & many more.


This is a topic I would have jumped on from the beggining, but I have been out of town since last week. I appreciate the few that have said I am UFC caliber and I agree. I slipped against a well prepared David Heath (you can read about it at, but I am going to rebound on Sept 23 in Corpus Christi, Texas on a Fight Fest card (a very good show) and on Sept 29 in Indianapolis on a Legonds of Fighting card, my home production. I am very excited about my future in this sport.

You can check me out at or on as well.

Two names that havn't been mentioned is Rex Holman, the name speaks for itself and if you don't know, you will. As well as Mike Patt, both will get thier due.