Next on the Iron Ring

fighting really gets underway with 3 bouts next week including Alexis Aquino (guy who makes challenge at end of show). Plus look for a mega suplex that would make Kevin Randleman proud...






New least favorite word = Vlog.

Is it on tonight or tomorrow?

can you post the fights and fighters on here? Just want to see if it includes the Norwood vs Brimage fight this week?


Not this week..........

"Not this week.......... " LOL

Anything with a suplex and I'm a loyal fan.

Next on the Iron Ring... Ludacris Makes A Song With Lil John Ft Juelz Santana & Nelly "Gloves And Grillz"

I'll watch... but the first 2 episodes were horrible, and we said so on national radio :( :(

I tried to keep it up-beat because i'm a MMA reality tv-aholic.... but damn those were bad.

and on part 2 of our show jim jones visits and ludacris, lil john, nelly and juelz santana remix "Gloves and Grillz" with jim jones and calls it "Neck Pieces with Mouth Pieces"

what do ya think about the soundtrack to that show?
1. Soldja Boy "crank That Suplex"
2. Trina ft Remy Ma "Diary Of A Ring Girl"
3.Ludacris Ft Lil John, Nelly, Juelz Santana "Gloves and Grillz"
4. Ludacris Ft Lil John, Nelly, Juelz Santana, Jim Jones "Neck Pieces and Mouth Pieces"
5. 3 6 Mafia "Tapout"
6. Lil Scrappy "Knocked Out"
7. G Unit "Cage Fighter"
8. 50 Cent "Get The Belt or Die Trying"
9. T.I. "Behind The Cage"
10. Flo Rida "Get the mat"
11. Lil Wayne "Caged Jungle"
12. Jay Z "American Fighter"
13. Public Enemy "Fight with Power"
14. Eminem, Dr Dre, 50 Cent, The Game & Nas "5 Round War"

Jessdog not bad soundtrack ...........

Most ufc fighters come out to rap. GSP comes out to Kanye west, and DMX, so does liddell. etc


I come out to Cypress Hill, but this show still sux.