Next opponent for Cain: Roy Nelson?

Sounds like an exciting match-up.

Roy Nelson is durable and deceptively athletic. He has an excellent ground game and is virtually unsubmittable. So even if Cain takes him down, Roy's got his ground game to fall back on. Most importantly, Nelson knows how to scramble back up using sound technique. And when he isn't ill, his stamina is also pretty good. He was keeping up with Junior well into the 3rd Round.

It's a very dangerous fight for Cain IMO given Roy's KO power.


Roy would put up a much better fight. Roy seems impossible to knockout. Frank Mir folds when he gets hit.

kongo rematch

I want to see roy make it to a title shot though.

Honestly I think it will be the loser of brock/reem for a title shot. And secretly Dana is hoping reem wins vs Brock. Imagin the ppv buys for reem vs jds. Then the ppv buys for the rematch of Brock vs Cain. Would be insane Phone Post


Loser of Brock/Reem or maybe Shane Carwin? Needs to be a top guy to line him or them up for a title shot.

Nelson and Kongo should fight. Cain vs winner of Mir/Big Nog

Kongo or the loser of Reem/Lesnar.

Looks like Travis Browne.

Not that wiki is the best source,

My bad. Misread the thread title. Thought it was next opponent for Roy, not Cain.

 Overeem gets paid a shit load so he's not gonna be served cup cakes...  If he loses to Brock he's gonna be sent back into the fire against someone like cain or carwin.

To bad Roy Nelson is gonna fight Travis brownie Phone Post

Schaub makes sense Phone Post

The Browne fight is a good fight and then with a win I hope he gets Carwin afterwards

I doubt Schaub gets a shot again any time soon