Next Pride HW matchups...???

After the US event, what fights should take place in the Pride HW division.

Assuming that Crocop gets Fedor on NYE...

We have the following dudes...

J. Thompson
(potentially) Shogun

There are a lot of great possibilities here.

Right off the bat, I would say that

Mino should fight Alexsander and
Sergei should fight Hunt.

Thoughts on this?

I'd like to see Sergei get a win againt a decent fighter and then take on Barnett. For some reason this match-up excites me. Aleks vs. Nog sounds great! Hunt vs. Morais would be good just so Hunt can get back on track with a nice KO before he gets back into the mix with the big boys.

Fedor/CroCop II

Barnett/Mino II



Gator Man is incorrect. He secretly likes my matchups better.

I like most of Gator's picks but, who wants to see Thompson or Morais in PRIDE again? ..

" i just saw barnett/mino? why see it again?"

Because it was exciting, yet indecisive.

"aleks/werdum might be the most boring fight ever."

How do you figure?

There was not a clear winner in Barnett Nog, the rematch would be for the next in line at either Fedor or Cro Cop after their title fight at New Years. Under them, Aleks and Werdum sounds like a good one, and Sergei Hunt.