Next Tom Lawlor fight?

Thought he would've had a fight signed by now after the impact made @ 100

Who's left at middleweight?

Dan Miller when he heals up?

Anyone you're going to call out Tom?


Thought this would have generated more talk, no ideas for next opponent in UFC?


Loser of McFedries/Drwal?

Ill fight him next.
One condition is that he shaves his legs first.


Loser of Quarry/Credeur?

Mark Munoz? (I think this would be an awesome fight and big name to take for Tom with the jiu jitsu edge)

Kendall Grove?

 His next fight is in ADCC

MMA (real) fight

 hes going to spain for aubu dhabi end of this month...nothing yet from ufc.  hopefully me and him we be on same card soon!!!

It would be nice to see you back in the UFC

No clue.

I'm happy with training and improving so that I can make this career a marathon and not a sprint.

A little bit of confidence is a dangerous thing for my next opponent imo.