next tournament in so cal????

whens the next grappling tournament?

Where are you training now Abe. We are in Lake Forest now and like 15 minutes from you.

No limits has one this weekend I think.

hey chris I just teach 2 nights a week TOMMYS GYM in costa mesa. Can I come train with you guys in lake forest what nights?

la giant wer is no limits tournament and school at?

4:00 I am there Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday but there is fight class on Mon and Wed too.

Irvine. I'll find the address tomorrow morning

thanks la giant anyone know about any other tournaments?

chris what time is fight class? Can I come?



abe, can't find the address. Check the internet under NO LIMITS school. I think Colin Oyama runs the place.

thanks la giant

I found out its a muay thai tournament at no limits for the rest of the info

4:00pm and yes you can

still tryin to find the next tournament

the no limits tourny is Jan 28th i think