Next UFC Hall of Famers?

Who will be the next 2 to go?

I think it should be....

3) Couture - probably the greatest UFC champ. But of course Royce/Ken were #1 & #2 since they paved the way for him.

4) Pat Miletich - I chose him #4. Not just because of his LW reign, but mostly because of what he has accomplished as a trainer. No other trainer has created more UFC champs!

Honorable mentions:

Dan Severn, Marc Coleman

Of course it'll probably be Severn & Oleg instead since they will probably go with the old school before new.

What do u think?

I think it'll be Severn/Taktarov

The Beast should be next.

Yeah..probably chronological.

When its all said and done it will be...

Severn, Taktarov, Ruas, Frye, Coleman, F. Shamrock, Couture, Miletich, Ortiz, Hughes.


Vitor (needs a big win 1st, a legit win over Couture would be it)

Liddell (needs to be champ IMO, even with the Tito win)

Smith (had the big win but fell off the radar fast though)

Tank (a viewers choice but not HOF material)

Severn, F. Shamrock and Coleman

Fred Ettish

Tank and Ruas should be next (hate tank all you want, but the UFC would not even be here today if not for him). To make it better, have a match between them that same night!! That would be an incredible legends match. I would love to see the UFC have a legends match on every other card or so. I think that the Kimo and Ken match was one of the best on the whole last card, so why not? There are plenty of the "old guys" who could still put on an incredible show against each other, if not the young guns. Ruas(who assured me at 45 that he wanted to come back for one more shot in the UFC), Tank, Kimo, Ken, Severn, Hackney, and others are ready to go!!!

I can't end this post without, at the risk of losing all crediblity, that harold Howard be brought back for one more fight. I can't get enough of that guy!!

How can none of you guys say Tito?

I mean really, he has done so muc for the sport. I don't care if you don't like him or you think he is cocky or whatever. He has done more with the UFC for this sport than anyone else in MMA period...

Besides Rickson of course...

I think it should only be retired fighters. Zuffa just couldnt wait until the former poster boys were out before starting the hall of fame. I also think it should be a neutral party that elects from all Org's.

It's the UFC Hall of Fame, not the MMA Hall of Fame, so they can choose whoever they want.

I would put Oleg, Severn, Tank, and Ruas in next.

The ref who's seen it all, through different owners, rules, states, reigns of champions from beginning until now...Big John!