Nextdoor website: home of paranoia and obsession

Oh sheet!

I just joined up and I see my weirdo neighbour is on there!


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OP, I frequent Horizon park. I think the same about Nextdoor.

Howdy, neighbor!

Bumped for VinegarStrokes.

A favorite from my hood



Same here. It’s actually quite saddening to see the methodical extinction of common sense among adults as well as a rapidly decreasing population of real men. You can easily learn who the little bitches are by posting like an og’er on ND.

theres some good stuff in the free section

My wife is on that site and has been saying that the trolling done there is hilarious. People are super gullible and easily triggered.

In my hood someone posted a picture of a coyote and asked if anyone was missing their dog as a joke. It started out with people posting shit like “You’re in danger!” and telling them to kick it out of the car and eventually turned into two weeks of people arguing about if it was a coyote or not. The person who originally posted the pic even came back to say it was a joke, but people just kept it going.

Is it an app or a website?

I might check this out for lulz

My wife told me the same story. There was also some type of story about a missing or stray dog named ‘Bailey,’ a Lhasa Apso (or some other small dog) who roams parks off leash and is dangerous.

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The only time I hear about it is when I visit my parents and my 65 year old mother starts going off about it. “oh do you have that Next Door app? Oh its so good. You find out everything in the neighborhood. So and so said this and so and so said that.”

Within 20 seconds of her talking about it I want to shoot myself dead. I live happily in ignorance of what the fuck is going on in my neighborhood because its quiet and no one bothers anyone else. The last thing I need is to be reading a bunch of morons gossiping about someones “messy” yard or the color of their house.

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My wife showed me one where the wife of a retired K9 cop was saying their retired K9 got out again by climbing the fence and not to be alarmed. He was just patrolling the neighborhood as he treated it as his job in retirement. That he would return home when he was done and not to call animal control. About an hour later she updated and he came back and went to bed because his work was done for the day.

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