NFC North Discussion

first let me say this, Im a Packers fan so I'm obviously biased. But in the latest Sports Illustrated and multiply websites theyre saying they've got the Bears at number one in the division!! Im saying bullshit theyre still the same team as they were last year. Shitty o-line, old above average D, and an injury prone QB. the only new piece to the puzzle is Marshall, and he's detremental to the locker room, and a head case. IDK but i have Packers taking 1st at 14-2, the Lions at second at 12-4, Bears third at 10-6 and the vikings going 8-8. Thoughts on it, because i personally think its absurd to think the bears will finish ahead of us after we went 15-1 last year, our defense gave up a shit load of yards,yes, but we had the most takeaways that has to mean something lol.

Is it reasonable to assume the Packers will lead the league in takeaways again?

 Yes yes Packers are the best in the division. 

it is and it isnt. we have an awesome secondary still and the worst part of our D was our line.