NFL Developmental league???

So there are reports of a possible NFL Developmental League, much like the NBA is doing.(although I've never seen a single game, the NBA D-league does exist!) This possible NFL league sounds like it might be a good idea, and some things I heard that sound pretty good are:

  1. 12-16 teams, in smaller markets such as Norfolk, Birmingham, Omaha etc...and bigger markets without a pro team like Los Angelos, San Jose, Sacramento etc...

  2. The season takes place in the spring and ends in early summer. -hey, what football junkie wouldn't chill on a Sat. or Sunday in the Spring and drink a beer and watch alittle football?

  3. Players eligible would be: undrafted rookies out of college, free agents cut from an NFL teams practice squad, AND even older great players that can't make it with an NFL team anymore but still want to play!(i.e. a Jerry Rice situation in Denver) -so that would be pretty cool to see young talented undrafted players playing with and against all-time greats or very skilled pros!

  4. It would give more football jobs to players, coaches, the stadium beer guy etc...and it's MORE FOOTBALL for fans to watch!

Remember, nothing is confirmed for any of this, but when I heard about it, it instantly sounded like a good idea! -and to stop the inevitable 'XFL failed' posts, this league would be NFL funded and organized. It don't get no more legit than the National Football League! Any company on earth would line up to partner with them in a business venture!


I thought that's what college football was.

Id rather watch college football. Undrafted free agents and free agents from practice squad, thats what arena football is for. I thought NFL Europe was a D league of sorts. Bottom line...not a good idea.

I think it's a good idea. Lots of players don't reach their potential until mid-late 20s.

Hell, in my perfect world this sort of thing would replace college football, but that's just me.

i dont think it will generate that much fan base, sure they will get 5 or 10 k. but college football will reign supreme in palces like bama etc, I like College way better. also isnt that nfl europe.

anyhow, Mark Cuban is coming out with a football league

Oh no! my threads a massive failure!!!

Yes you guys are right, this is basically the same as NFL Europe, the difference being it takes place here in the states. I'd imagine that all the best players from NFL Europe would play in this new league. I'm sure they'd get paid more, as well as more exposure.

Personally, I've never seen a full NFL Europe game, but I honestly think I'd watch this new league if it is formed. I just think having it here in the states, it'd be easier as a fan to follow the teams, as well as familiar players that were badass from your local college that just didn't get drafted or signed.

"college football will reign supreme in palces like bama etc"

You are right about that, even if a pro NFL franchise was in Alabama, the Crimson Tide would still reign supreme.

However, another discussion about the league from a marketing standpoint:

the NFL was trying to figure out a way they could get these badass undrafted graduating college seniors to automatically be placed on the team nearest to the location of the college they played for.

That's pretty smart because I'd go to see a few guys I watched in college but didn't get picked up by an NFL franchise, play once again. I don't know how that could possibly work fairly for all the teams though?? I'm sure that idea has to get scratched.