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Who do you guys have doing number 2 to the dolphins? 

Bout damn time this thread showed up

In for the usual dumpster fire teams to fuck up their picks rofl. 

here we go brownies!


Is there anyone that loves themselves more than Goodell?


America: Finally something to take my mind off the pandemic.

ESPN: I know! Let's talk about Coronavirus for the first 20 minutes.

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They are still going to drag this out all night

What are odds Tua goes to NE? Via trade maybe 

I just read Jerry Jones is at home alone making the picks and has informed his staff not to bother him during the draft. LMAO


I really really hope this was a joke from old Jerry.

Slydawg -

What are odds Tua goes to NE? Via trade maybe 

Less than zero

I find it hard to believe the dolphins would pass up Tua via trade down or drafting Young but who knows. 


Wherever Tua goes I think it would benefit him to sit a year and learn after the injuries he's had last couple years.

Pick Burrow already....geez, why the delay?

LMAO at Roger Goodelle piping in the boos to start things off.


He gets shit on which is part of his job but I find him amusing.

Lions gonna lion. In early. 

TFK_Mas Tisu -

Pick Burrow already....geez, why the delay?

Bengals working on trading down and will select Oregon's QB just to save a few bucks ;)


Cheapest team in the league hands down.

Trey Wingo looks like he’s 78 yo

Wait I thought the dolphins picked number 2. Now seeing it's the skins. Who TF knows what they will do

Chase Young looking ready for the WNBA Draft