NFL is racist for not drafting

Black dudes.

It doesnt really say it, but c’mon we know. Now we’re all pissed because no one was drafted from a historically black university.

*racist universities

Whatever happened to achieving things based on merit, aptitude, ability, and qualifications?

Standards have been lowered across the spectrum including the military.

Hell I saw a vid of some SJW jack off officer in the Air Force saying they needed to look at changing (aka lowering) standards for pilots because too many are white male.


They need to get rid of pilots, the soft pudgy body in the seat is the weak link now.

Lol at this point I just think that they are going to end up driving away supporters slowly over absurd claims.

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Sports are a meritocracy


How Dare You Greta GIF

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The reality is that small programs all suffered in terms of the NFL draft because of covid. A lot more of their seasons and workouts were canceled. HBCUs are smaller programs with less money, so their players did suffer as a result as well.

The problem for me is that people like Deion Sanders and Doug Williams KNOW this is why, but they STILL use it to shame NFL teams for not going out of their way to draft more players from HBCUs. Then, when they get backlash for artificially turning it into an issue about racism, they will undoubtedly call that backlash a product of racism.

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But what if white men simply excel at flying fighter jets like black people excel at certain sports? I mean it is what it is. I don’t see whites or asians asking to lower standards for the NBA or NFL so they can start laying too. You can’t keep lowering standards just because. It doesn’t sound safe nor sustainable.

My 2 cents

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Also in advanced degree fields like the sciences. If you start shutting out people based on their race , you’re cutting into an already small field of capable people. The end result, is less people invested in the sciences. You simply cannot regulate things through social engineering engineering.

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The league is already 70% black and they are crying about this.


That doesn’t sound diverse or equitable at all.


70% black and responsible for making more black multi-millionaires than any other org in the world. That isn’t enough though. Still racist.