NFL offensive lineman gets in fight at walmart

I don’t think that’s Bruce Campbell lol

Not Bruce Campbell

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Yeah…no, it ain’t the former NFL’er.

because its not a football game, its a fight and he doesnt know how to fight

Oh my!

Yeah it’s being said it’s not an NFL player now.

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Bruce Campbell checking his computer last night


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People actually say better athletes will make better fighters. That still stands true.

Size, strength, speed & power always plays a major factor in an athletic competition. Fighting is no difference. That’s why some animal can walk into a BJJ place with no skills and be a major issue for over 50 or 60 % of the students within 4-6 months.


that dude is a good street fighter
amazing how simply utilizing your lead hand with jabs and hooks are so effective in these fights
guy was running backwards while nailing him with those lead hooks

yeah and the first 4-6 months he is absolutely useless on the mat. Thats my point. When you educate someone, it changes the situation.

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Smaller guy had his shit together ands whooped that ass proper.

You can be a tough athlete in a physical sport like NFL or rugby (ie able to take physical punishment, be brave and put your body on the line in a sporting sense and all that stuff) and still suck at fighting.

Fighting proficiency in my experience is mostly attitude (which lots of non fighters have) but the magic ingredient is training or exposure (rough childhood etc).

That video was glorious though as that dumbass tried what has probably worked for the rest of his life and found some people just don’t intimidate and they also don’t play.

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Totally agree

I figured out that if an untrained guy rolled with me, he’d have to be about 3-4 inches taller and roughly a solid 20-30 lbs bigger to even things out or at least make it to where I couldn’t submit him in a 3-5 minute roll. Granted they dont know how to finish they can still use their size to put pressure on you and they’re explosive.

Like Ice Cube fighting DBO

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Gonna have to disagree on this one.

4 to 6 months on the mat is by no means useless whether you are in a fight or training. I guess it might not be the case if you’re not sparring during that time frame. I’ve heard of some schools not allowing their students to spar for the first 6 months.

However, I know from personal experience that 4-6 months definitely means something. I also know that big boys who just learned the basics (some guard defense, balance, some basic subs) became very hard to deal with in that time frame. Take the gi off and it even became more difficult to control some 230-260 LB dude with some time on the mat.

I agree. Dude was not a chump