NFL offensive lineman gets in fight at walmart

Yep. Those big fuckers were hard to move! And, I mainly trained no gi so it made rolling with them even more difficult.

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Same. I wouldn’t even think about if gi made a difference when it came to rolling with someone bigger.

I know if you train gi long enough you’ll get some really strong wrists/grips. I’ve only rolled nogi but my right wrist has some strength.

Haha exactly. Apparently all our best athletes are in the NFL and that’s why we don’t dominate soccer either. Haha

We would smoke everyone if soccer was the only sport and our best athletes kicked a ball around starting the day they walked

Imagine someone like Kevin Durant playing goalie.

Correct. Instead of football being the main sport, put those future 4.2/ 4.3/ 4.4 forty guys with unreal lateral movement in soccer at age 6 rather than pop Warner football.

It would suck for the rest of world but the greatest athletes on the planet would make soccer a respectable sport in the U.S.