NFL player Suplex Guy on the Field GIF !!

how come I cant post a gif?? whats up with the html??

Fail so far :/ But I still hope to see a gif

Thats MMA FAN, and NFL Hard Hittin Saftey Brian Dawkins.


Dawkins has done that on a few occassions =)

I love that guy

 Pretty sweet german suplex

Thanks Ensanity

and here is the Video of it

Nice eh

I prefer James Harrison's suplex of a Browns fan who ran on the field during a game. Harrison, applied a Kimura from North/South after the fan hit the ground.

I interviewed Brian Dawkins at a Pro Bowl Practice 2 years ago, and he mentioned somewhat tongue in cheek that he would consider gettng into MMA following his NFL Career...He has had neck issues thaough as of late.

Harrison performing a couple of suplexs, on fans and on the field. He is a beast.

Did a flag go up after that take down? lol

just sit back and soak in the athleticism of #28. Watch his foot work and the quickness....unreal!




he was setting up a kimura on that fan imo



 I've seen the Dawkins one before. Not only is that one cool to see, he's technically quite sound, too.

That Harrison slam on the fan's funny as hell. It does look like he's setting up a kimura or even a straight armbar, too. I'm guess he was just subduing the dude's arm, but it does look very MMA'ish.

 Weapon X is the man

nah, it was correct hand position for a kimura, i think he was playing with setting it up. (personally i'd have liked to have seen him take it home and put it on his

 Domingo is correct. I remember when i saw that as it happened, and i was pointing it out to my friends, we all were like how perfect of a sport would that be...Profootball with takedowns, throws, & submissions....if you tap, other team gets the ball!!

...maybe even low kow kicks. =)

the kimura was setup great. You could see the fan feeling the pressure as he tries to paw at the facemask