NFL players high school photos with captions







Fucking lol @ "Most likely to hate his white half then grow a huge afro to try and prove how black he is"

Most of those were terrible lol 


look at how uspet he is at that internet meme while holding up his 5th Lombardi trophy.

Jay Cutler is still my hero


Vic Vinegar - Jay Cutler is still my hero

Mine too. 


- Lions fan 

I have a senior pic with the same hair cut and pose as jay cutler.  

I'm a Seahawks fan. But, you really can't say much bad about Brady. The guy is a fucking phenom.


I still go with the "Lost to Eli Manning twice" argument in any debate with a Pats fan, even though I know it's nonsense. They lose their fucking minds.

I laughed at both Brady references. Huge Pats fan, but that was damn funny.

The Flacco one is gold. Bring any Ravens fan into this thread and watch. The guy isn't even top-10, but they lose their minds.