NFL Schedules released today

Here is Denvers: 13-3
Sep 9 @Buffalo 1:00pm Win

Sep 16 Oakland 4:15pm Denver Murders Oakland Again

Sep 23 Jacksonville 4:05pm Whose the QB? Another W

Sep 30 @Indianapolis 4:15pm I will say L, though with Dre and Champ it could be interesting.

Oct 7 San Diego 4:15pm No way they beat us here 2 years in a row? Hope that entire new coaching staff works out!

Week 6 BYE

Oct 21 Pittsburgh 8:15pm Sunday night in Denver= W

Oct 29 Green Bay 8:30pm LOL, MNF in Denver= W

Nov 4 @Detroit 1:00pm Could be worse than Oakland
Nov 11 @Kansas City 1:00pm We always lose here

Nov 19 Tennessee 8:30pm No Henry, No Bennett, no Pac Man. Denver wins

Nov 25 @Chicago 1:00pm I think we beat Chicago in a close one.

Dec 2 @Oakland 4:05pm LOL

Dec 9 Kansas City 4:15pm W

Dec 13 @Houston 8:15pm W Shanahan taught Kubiak everything he knows. Not this year Houston

Dec 24 @San Diego 8:00pm They were finally becoming a good organization, then they fired everyone or people left. They better hope Norv Turners record being 30 games under .500 is a fluke. I still will say we lose though. Lots of talent out there.

Dec 30 Minnesota 4:15pm Gimmie game, Minnesota sucks. W



How does a team like Denver pull 3 Monday night games?

By having the best cornerback combo in NFL history!

Hey!!!! Bite me ASSCLOWN!!! I know MN sucks but you don't have to rub it in. I hope we beat the shit out of you guys. And hell no I'm not willing to bet on

The Denver schedule is perfect. 303 will build them up to be the next Superbowl champions early with alot of wins then 6 out of 9 away games with 3 back to back away games just says late season sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide.

Its one of the worst schedules Ive seen, how can anyone get every away game late and bye week between 3 home games?

I like the Colts schedule.

It's tough right in the middle, which is the best place for it to be tough IMO. Other than that, I expect the boys in blue to take care of bidness.

Last 3 games should prove a nice easy run in to the playoffs at the end (or should be at least!)

I expect the Colts and Saints to put up a ridiculous amount of points in the first game of the year. Two of the best offenses going at it. It will be a fun game.

Agreed, great first game.

I expect the Colts and Saints to put up a ridiculous amount of points in the first game of the year.

Of all the bets in the entire year, I'd bet the under in this game.

It does seem likely that this would be the game to bet on. Many times 2 offenses are expected to score a lot of points, they don't. Good point.


Tell me about Jason David. The Saints signed him to an offer sheet. Is he a good player? Will Colts fans be angry if he leaves. I honestly have no idea what kind of player he is.

Jason David is from Washington State University. Because he played in the pass happy Pac 10 he is a solid cover corner but was not used as such in Indy as they really seem to stick to the Tampa 2. He is not a spectacular athelete, but he is better than what you had. I would think you upgraded that position from a D, I mean lets face your corners were horrible expecially Fred Thomas, to a C. Maybe C+. There is no way Jason David is going to make huge changes for the Saints, but he will be an upgrade, and with as close as they were last year, and as bad as the NFC is, this really helps the Saints.


Fred Thomas was burned very badly last season. Mike Mckenzie had a decent year, but he is getting older. I still expect a corner to be drafted, although I have seen some mocks that have us going after a DT.