Nfl wide receiver dk metcalf (4.33 40yd) will run 100 meters at USATF event

guy is a beast at 6’4" 230, i wonder if he is thinking olympics, i think its only about 6 weeks until the trials;

fast forward to 35 seconds for the best angle;

edit - fuck you have to click through and watch it on youtube, ah well its worth it

Did you know that Bo Jackson recorded a 4.12 in the 40? But that was prior to digital timing.


Its going to be fun to watch but I assume he will get worked over. Olympic level sprinters are a different breed.

Gonna get smoked

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controversial. 4.12 was disputed by jackson who said it was probably closer to 4.13.

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yeah he is so big its hard to imagine he can hold his speed for 100, i was looking at top speeds for fun earlier and bolt ran about 28mph once holy fuck

This is a fun gimmick, but he’s going to get crushed. He ran the 110 hurdles in HS and was the 7th best in Mississippi.

Must have been an “off day” for Bo.

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Gonna get smoked


Not fun as a HAWKS fan, cool but but not fun. Please stay healthy DK, not worth the risk imo.

DK is fast as hell for his size but I don’t see how he is going to compete against those guys.

Olympics, bro? 4.33 for 40 yards is if he can maintain that speed like 11.5 - 12 seconds to run 100 meters. Not even competitive for a woman. Not even top 100. Forget Olympics.

Well he won’t have to come out of the blocks twice so your prediction is a bit off


100% this

Dude is fast for sure, will be fun to see how he compares to elite sprinters.