NG guard control positions/grips

What no-gi BJJ grips/control positions have been working well for you guys when you have someone in your guard? I'm both talking about where you grip with your hands and where you put your legs.

For me at least, it's hard to control an opponent using the open guard, when I don't have a collar and a sleave to hold onto. I've been using my closed guard a lot lately, but would like to explore the no-gi open guard some more. So what are the grips?

For me, the following grips/control positions have been working fairly well for me to control my opponents:

1. One hand grabs head, the other grabs wrist.

2. One arm whizzers (deeply overhooks) an arm. The other arm grabs the free arm's wrist and that side leg goes on the hip, with my shin in his bicep. This is a great triangle setup, btw., and I've seen many advanced guys use it.

3. High guard. My guard is closed with one leg over one of his shoulders. Armbar heaven.

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I would like to explore other types of grips, such as the double wrist grab variations that Minotauro often uses, i.e. grabbing both wrists, putting both feet on his opponent's hips and putting one or both shins in the biceps. I've heard that the key to this type of control is to pin the wrist(s) to my body (stomach, hip, etc.).

Lately, I've been having a hard time using single underhooks on guys that posture back, because once their arm goes towards the center, they are too high up and away for me to take their back.

These are just my thoughts. Any input would be great.

Actually, when I think of it, Baret Yoshida uses the double (or sometimes single) wrist grab open guard a lot.

What are the key things to do to control someone like that without the gi? Isn't it simply to pin the wrist to your body?

And how much better is this type of control when you push your shin(s) in their bicep(s)?

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All the gi training you have done should have made your NOGI training much tighter ;)

Ha, ha. That's funny. Or it would be funny if I didn't know that you've said otherwise yourself AND that I've actually done very little gi training ;)

Yeah, I read that Eddie Bravo thread, too ;)

Ok, to make the question as simple as possible:

What types of open guard works best for no-gi BJJ (or submission grappling, if you want to call it that)?

hands on the back of the triceps with you shins in his biceps.

Wrist control with your feet on his hips or biceps but most important is head control. You have to control his head. Where his head goes his body follows.

Also use the underhooks and scoot out to the side that you are underhooked. Get so far underneith him he can't strike you because he is trying to avoide the sweep or you taking his back.

Just my $100.00

Wow. Thanks a lot, Chris. I really appreciate you taking time to write that.

But with the single underhook, can't he just posture back, i.e. sit back and get his upper body vertical, and then I've lost my underhook?

Or should I just let him lift me up if he does that and (try to) armdrag him and take his back when he pummels his arm in?

Thanks again.


If he postures up while you have an underhook sit up with him and sweep him. 1/2 guard is the best place to do this and I am sure I am making it sound eaiser than it is but give it a try. When you use the under hook reach for his waist on the other side and hold it like a handle.

Using which sweep?

Hook sweep I'm guessing.

Yeah, me too. Hooking the leg opposite of the underhook.