Ngannou Accuses UFC of trying to ‘Discredit’ Him

honesly, i do not think i’d ever be scared to fight a guy accross the cage if his name was “francis”. i would win that fight on not-being-a-girly-man alone jajaja…

Trust me, FRANCIS would break your jaw jaw jaw!

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I’d put money on you, you’d take him Keith

thank you kirik. to be fair, i’m not saying 100% i WOULD win with that name. but i would be 100% CONFIDENT i would. and that goes a LONG way jaja…

He says in one breath that he’s borrowing money to survive because he fights so infrequently……while also being mad that they offered him to fight more frequently. What a bitch.


These fighters always contradict themselves. There is a reason they aren’t accountants or lawyers and get their brains bashed in for a living.

I agree…he was also complaining that the organization was painting the wrong picture of him, saying he was on vacation etc. He says it was visa issues…then turns around and says the fights offered to him were too soon, he wanted time to go home and enjoy/introduce the title to his people/country (oh, you mean something like a vacation, Francis?).

Not to mention, he’s already adamant about making a jump to boxing thinking he’s gonna’ get monster paydays. Yet the guy doesn’t even have a title defense yet.

Since beating Stipe, Francis and his team have seemingly found a way to mismanage just about everything and killed almost all the momentum he had going for himself

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I feel like Francis should spend more time worrying about Cyril discrediting him in the next UFC. Less time dwelling on things he can’t control.
Famous people get haters. Bosses never do what you want. Guy should clean out the division and then worry bout this stuff. Still needs to beat Gane, beat stipe again and maybe even Jones. Until then he will have doubters. And when he beats them all the ufc will look silly attacking him.
But worrying he won’t beat Cyril cause I’m gettkng the feeling he’s not into it