NHB And Hot Girls

We have a video clip of a show called Whoopass Wednesday which features armature fight's and a lot of hot girl's dancing. It's in the download's section of our website. Check it out!!!!!!


What is the website address for Team Voodoo?

It's the same site we will sone have more info up on the team. The forum's have page's for chat about the team.

alot of hot chicks, the fights were terrible, looked like "guys who know how to fight" VS "guys who DONT know how to fight", all in all its worth seeing for some hard landed punches and throws and some nice ass shakin strippers.

Joe "bambino" mcfarlane

It's a nightclub show where you sign up and fight. Kind of like a fight club type of show.

It's hard work filming all those hoochies!

Like I said, the hotties make it the best hl vid on the site.

where's the clip at?

Danny it's on our site under the downloads section


Great Video's and yes Hot Girls!

damn what a great event!! would love to get on that card...