NHB Gear AntiBacterial Dry-Fit T's

I'm the kind of guy that hates tight rashguards but I'm also a sweat hog, going thru at least 2-3 t-shirts a night or training completey soaking them. I was considering loose-fit rashguards but at $35+shipping was hoping to find something cheaper.

I checked out NHBGear.com's website and I saw a product called a "Anti-Bacterial Dry-Fit T-shirt" and after reading about the product decided to try it out.

It is the best of both worlds! It feels just like a normal cotton t-shirt but I immediately noticed that it wasn't becomming soaked with sweat, yet it wasn't holding in heat like the rashguards I've used in the past.

With all this talk about staph and other funky mat diseases, It was very cool to know that this shirt was also made with materials that are pemanantly anti-bacterial, anti-fungal etc. and after I talked to the company owner Sam, he told me that they won't "sour" smelling like lots of my old t-shirts and rashguards that get worn week after week.

Can't praise this thing highly enough. I'm going to buy 3 more to have one for every class.

Thanks Sam!

Can they print on those shirts?

I asked the same question! I think Sam can do custom logos (school logos etc.) on them and they are sublimated(?) which will not flake or peel off.

contact him at sam@nhbgear.com or thru his website.

I have one.  It's awesome.


I am very happy with the Ryukyu Damashi gi patches NHBgear.com made for me.

Seems to be printed on the same canvas my HCK gi pants :)

How much are these shirts?

They sound kick ass!!

Cool shisa image. My parents are from Okinawa.

the shirts are $20.

cool design Ryukyu!

Thats a cool image!
How many gi patches did you get made up?
I so want one!!!


Cool Shisa for sure.

Just one patch, it was only like $10...


Unfortunately I'm not a textile whiz so I don't know the details but it is a anti bacterial synthetic fiber that is woven into the shirt but it feels like a regular t-shirt. It is not an application that can be washed out. It's permanent.

do they come in magenta?

description from the website:

"This T-shirt wicks moisture away from your body to keep you cool. The material dries super fast and is ANTI-BACTERIAL, ANTI-FUNGAL, ANTI-MILDEW and STAIN RESISTANT. But feels just like a regular t-shirt! The logo is sublimated and won't crack, peel, or stick.

Other shirts lose their wicking properties after a few washes, but not ours! This patented fabric has the functions permanently built into the fabric and will not wash out."

if you don't mind blank Vapor Apparel: