NHB Marines in Fallujah, Iraq....

I dont know if you guys remember an article I wrote for Maxfighting about the Tarawa Fight Club. They were a group of Marines training MMA while deployed for the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Well, I am out in the world now, but all my buddies are in Fallujah. Thomas Hartrick, Nick Williams and Jason Bond. Thomas was shot in the leg two weeks ago, but he skipped out of the hospital to get back to his unit and rejoin the fighting!
Anyway, anybody with fight mags, videos or porn can send it to these awesome fighters at:

Cpl. Thomas Hartrick, USMC 2/1 Weapons Co (CAT Plt) UIC 40210 FPO AP 96426-0210

They will insure that all the other jarheads partake in anything sent to them.

So, post here if you are down.

Arron Barringer

one of my cousins got fucked up over there, him and his team leader were the only one's that survived out of like six marines in the vehicle. I can't wait to get back over there and fuck some more of those shit heads up.

any preference?????

Preference? Fight tapes mostly, I threw the porn in there for laughs, but it would probably be just as appreciated! Um, as for THAT preference... yea, straight please. :)

arron... you back in NM? you training at jackson's? i have put in my package to get back over to NM.... hopefully it will pan out and i'll be training fulltime at greg's place

Yea, Macfights, I am back for good. I am a few weeks out from graduating the PD academy and then I will begin training for my next fight.

Hope you get back here!


Dont usually support the Marines since Im ARMY but I think youd do it for me when we relieve you all.....

We have a saying in recon refering to the rivalry between services that goes "Nobody is better, just different. We all have the same bones beneath different faces."

Course.... we make the mess and you boys get to clean it up! :)