NHB Marines in Iraq....

I dont know if you guys remember an article I wrote for Maxfighting about the Tarawa Fight Club. They were a group of Marines training MMA while deployed for the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Well, I am out in the world now, but all my buddies are in Fallujah. Thomas Hartrick, Nick Williams and Jason Bond. Thomas was shot in the leg two weeks ago, but he skipped out of the hospital to get back to his unit and rejoin the fighting!

Anyway, anybody with fight mags, videos or porn can send it to these awesome fighters at:

Cpl. Thomas Hartrick, USMC
2/1 Weapons Co (CAT Plt)
UIC 40210
FPO AP 96426-0210

They will insure that all the other jarheads partake in anything sent to them.

So, post here if you are down.

Arron Barringer

Well, I just saw that there is a new Soldierground forum, so I will post there as well, thanks guys!


Can they view DVDs?

I have about 2 - 3 yrs. worth of back issues of FCF
Magazine that I would gladly send to my fellow
Marines. Do you think they'd be interested in them
and if so, how many/how far back would you recommend?

They keep telling me I'm too old to go back in the
Corps, but they're wrong. Semper Fi to Marines
everywhere, but especially to those in Iraq.



Arron, do they have a DVD player?

Fred, I know how you feel. Big ups to our fellow Teufelheusen.

Semper Fidelis.

I also have some Ultimate Athlete magazines and some
older UFC videos. Let me know how much is reasonable
to send.

"Ain't no sky too high, ain't no sea too deep, ain't
no muff too tough, for a parafrog, Devildog"




I want to get their sizes, if possible I will gladly have my company send them a nice care package of gear and whatever I can come up with. I am very partial to the Corps.

Just contact jj@casca-grossa.com

Team Casca-Grossa

Nice ideas. I wish I had some cool stuff to send.



The heart of you guys is just plain.....


I can't say it any better than that.

You guys are awsome. Yes, they have DVD players. They have some entertainment stuff and laptops back at the bas camps which I HEAR are not too shabby. As far as how much to send... anything you can will be quickly circulated among the men! So there really is not a limit!

You people inspire the crap out of me!

Semper Fidelis,


I can send some old FCFs. Thanks for the addy.

I will put a package together no later than this
weekend and mail it on Monday.

Semper Fi.



Arron their package ships out tomorrow.



You guys are the greatest. Seriously, this sport has more comradery than a person can imagine. None of you will be forgotten.

Because of the overwhelming response, I will post a bit of Tom's email to me. I have edited out some names, but everything else is just how he wrote it!

Tom writes on April 20, 2004:
bondo is here but i have not seen him for about a month Nick is with me doing his 81 thing
that is about it
this place is great people are willing to fight us well for a little bit anyways oh
(name deleted by Arron) and the team got cought in an ambush and i guess that soom guys got fuck up and (name deleted by Arron) gat kia there is some hevey shit going on here but you know me
killing bodys and lovin it
well some fight tapes would be great
oh yea you probably all ready heard i got shot in the leg and the 7.62 round is still in there cool oh yea 5 day latter i skip out on my appontment and reunited
mwith my team
i know that you would be proud welll got to go i will
wright you soon and tell you every thing

There you go guys. I figured that you are all being so cool, I would share a little bit of my brother's motivation!

Semper Fi-


Bone- Yea, I did two of them.

Momita said it best.

if i was a big MMA fan/fighter stationed over there, and a package arrived full of mma stuff, unnanounced, from FRED ETTISH i would be stoked beyond belief!

you guys rock.