NHB Strengt Training - Lloyd Irvin

Any feedback on this book, yet? It looks like a lot of BWE exercises. I'm wondering how this differs from Scrapper's or Furey's routines.

Thanks ahead.

Where can you get this book at?

Its only for people who are on his newsletter list.

well, I ordered it. I'll review it when I get it.

ttt for more feedback

ttt for a review

"well, I ordered it. I'll review it when I get it. "

Ditto. I'm in AUS, so you'll probably get it B4 me.

It might be good, but I don't see how Lloyd's bodyweight stuff could be any better than Scrapper's...

Im on the newsletter, and after reading about the book, I was ready to order but then thought what would it have that wasnt covered by the stuff put out by Scrapper and Ross Enamait.

So I have decided to skip it. If anyone can review it and compare it to what Scarpper and Ross E have put out then I may have a change of mind.


Lloyd's students tear it up on the mats, and his wrestling blueprint emails were helpful to me - but I must admit that I am starting to get fed up with his Matt-Furey type advertising...

still more power to a legit instructor who can make money doing what he is passionate about, and passing on helpful info, even if the ads are a little over the top.

If someone is going to make money using that kind of advertising I would rather that it be someone like Irvin, who is actually involved in the sport, as opposed to someone like Furey.

I'm curious to see what the reviewers will have to say about this book.

one thing that lloyd has going for him is that he has a lot of students that tear it up on the east coast. he's got a ton of very skilled students and teachers. and lloyd is a monster on the mat. comparing him to matt furey isn't fair.

Not comparing Lloyd to Matt Furey at all - I know he is legit and has had great success on the mat (both him and his students). That said, Lloyd is using the type of advertising that made Furey famous - he does advertise in the same manner.

I have yet to hear Lloyd say he is talking to the dead...

Lloyd does great things for the youth in his community.

Lloyd is a class act. I met him at a tournament last year and he was very pleasant. I'll get his Blueprint when it is finally released.

Everyone that has rolled with him says he is a beast. I do look forward to the Grappler's Blueprint, and will definetely buy it.

The day I see matt furey's student's tearing it up on the mat is the day I will, wait, no, not gonna happen.

Matt shudnt even be on this forum or in the same sentence with Lloyd Irivn ...PERIOD.

Ih ave rolled with him and he is no JOKE on a few occasions as he is my instructor.

I also can vouch for Lloyd, being that I'm part of the team (come Nov. 13) yet I know he's a great grappler, coach and a stand up guy.

"The day I see matt furey's student's tearing it up on the mat is the day I will, wait, no, not gonna happen."