NHK question

just got a new sat dish and it has NHK on it. Just wondering if you guys know if there is any mma/k-1 on it and if so under what name it would be and what time and stuff like that. thanks in advance

ttt for anyone with anykind of info

I'm pretty sure NHK doesnt show any MMA.My Japanese teacher worked their when he lived in Japan,and I think he said it was like the Japanese equivilant of PBS.

Gunjin has crucified the correct.

The only channel that doesn"t make me want to throw my set out
the window

LOL! I hear ya DemonClown (except on 12/31/03, the night
Japanese broadcast TV ruled!)

thanks for the info guys, wish it did

when i read up on it, it said thatit was japan's biggest channel, guess the internet lied to me

NHK gives you the chance to watch Sumo.

Whilst not being MMA it's great to watch these grapplers go round from 4-6pm during the 4 main seasonal tournaments.

If you've ever seen sumo train (including eating) you'd appreciate the athleticism involved.

Sumo is quite fun to watch.

I agree with PJJ, no anime, kakutougi, or puroresu makes NHK a channel I wish was subbed with Fuji-TV instead in the US when they offer Japanese program on PBS stations.

J-Sky Sports and Samurai TV are the 2 main channels for MMA in Japan, just off the top of my head. As was already stated, NHK is a equal to PBS in the States and does not show MMA.