NHL 09 is good and all, but one thing.....

That desperately needs to be overhauled is its fighting system.  It is awful.

Do the toughness ratings even matter?  I dropped Scott Parker, a top flight enforcer in real life, with TWO PUNCHES from some douchey left winger with a visor.

Why, of all the things they can do, can't they get this right at all?  I'm not asking for perfection, but rather, just SOME aspect of realism.  Maybe like a short sequence in the beginning where grips are established and the fight goes on from there or something.

And finally, the animations when the guy gets knocked down are terrible.  Someone in a real hockey fight getting KO'd like that almost NEVER happens.



Basically, this system of fighting is like a less fun, shorter version of the engine that was used in Blades of Steel.  The only difference is the obvious graphical superiority, but other than that, it's actually probably worse.

nhl2k9's bright spot is the fighting.

Seriously, the fighting in NHL 09 now is teeeerrible.

I just can't imagine the developers (of such a good game at that), sitting around a table and all nodding their heads that two punches should knock the guy out cold.

The fights never last more than 4 seconds... terrible.

NHL 2K9 fighting:


that fighting looks so much better than '09

I took a chance, and for the first time in nearly 10 years came back and purchased an EA Sports hockey game, despite the fact that 2k's games are far more realistic and fun to play (imo).  I really hope I made the right decision.

For the last 2 years, EA > 2K for hockey games.

I do agree though that the fighting in 2K9 is vastly superiour to 09, but that's really the only thing better and I've played both.

WaltJ are you joining the OG NHL team?

^^^ Yea other than the fighting 09 blows 2K9 away.

Stryfer, I'd love to, but I'm currently not online with my Xbox (yes, I know.....amazing).  I'm not sure when I will be, hopefully some time early 2009 when I get my own place.  I've been hearing great things about this game online, and I'm sure people will still be playing it a few months from now.

I have to say, after playing both, NHL blows Madden out of the water in just about every aspect possible.

Yeah, I'll still probably be playing until the next game comes out.

It is a great online game, when it's working properly. EA still needs to address some issues.

 EA's problems make me wish I didn't buy this game sometimes.