NHL 2K5= Great Game

if you even remotely enjoy hockey games, you have to get this game. it has the realism that you look for in the actual games, but there are a ton of extra modes that add a ton of replay value. the party mode features about 15 mini games and they also have the skills competition from last year. the gameplay is seamless and with all the new modes, you'll be playing this one for a while.

yeah, its out and only 20 bucks. as i said, you can't go wrong with this one. they even improved the fights. as a cool addition, if you win the fight, your team will have a short period of speed burst (kind of like a momentum shift). there is also a tension meter for both teams that changes depending on what is going on. its a very deep game both in simulating hockey and in offering a lot of fun side games. you can also customize it to where you are basically playing nhl hitz.

definetly going to buy it....nothing but good reviews on it

Will be buying it right away... my buddy who is one of the game designers at EA, said they are finished with it pretty much... should be out soon.

i got it on xbox... it is awesome

ESPN ownes in the hockey market now. EA is way to arcadie.

my roommate and I have played it non-stop since we bought it.....if you haven't already play international play on the big ice....it is good stuff.....watch out for the Chech Republic...they are dominant

I think soem of you are mistaking ESPN 2k5 with EA Sports NHL 2005.

yeah spanky I thouhgt this was about EA NHL 05 heh.

Whay is ESPN so cheap compared to EA?

NHL 2k5 is a great game, but I find it almost goes too in depth for simulation. EA should pick this game up and learn from it, they have been getting further and further behind and if they don't smarten up soon they will lose the sales battle to the ESPN series.

ESPN is definitely better than EA in terms of gameplay although the graphics and cut scenes are better in EA.

Just tried the ESPN's arcade version today and I enjoyed it more than any EA NHL game I've ever played.

I think the reason why ESPN knocked the price down was to gain more market share. EA's been the standard for years and has a larger following.

EA needs to look only as far as their Madden franchise to make improvements.If they put as much time, care, and resources into their hockey games they'd be unbefreakinglievable.

As it is i'm very happy with Ea's 2005, it's better than 2004 imo in most ways.The thing that always bugs me is with any improvements they always seem to take something away too.Line editing became a little more tedious with the new interface even though they introduced a "chemistry rating" as an example.

I hear a little rumour from an inside sopurce at EA that they may skip the '06 versions of their sports games to completely revamp the whole line-up. Maybe it's related to what you were getting at about Madden, Spanky.

So far I am enjoying ESPN, althought the American announcers are grating on the ears. The commentary is awful. You would think that pronouncing the players names correctly would be something they might actually care about.

Let's start a list of mispronounced names on ESPN 2K5:

Cloutier = "Clue-tee-err"

Spezza = "Speeeeza"


I was thinking the same thing about the American announcers. Whenever I hear Spezza's name, I wince. If you read the latest OPM they ride the ESPN announcer's jocks but blast EA's announcers. EA's were more entertaining.

I doubt that EA will bother investing as much time and money in NHL as they would Madden. I imagine that the only reason they invest so much into Madden is because football is such a cash cow in the U.S. Sadly hockey is nowhere near as big.

I'm picking this game up tomorrow :)

how's the franchise mode?

You can spend the entire day working the franchise mode and still not get anywhere.

Kinda like the CBA talks.

I just bought this game last week and it's a lot of fun. I'm not very good at it, playing in rookie level, but still enjoy playing it. After a few more games I'll give it a shot on xbox live and start getting my ass kicked there.

I'm really having a hard time holding the blue line in this game - a lot of times when i try to pass back to point the puck goes to nobody and slides back down to my end lol

i'm going to back the camera angle up a bit.

Anyone messing with their sliders?