NHL '94 on PS3?

So I've heard both NHL 14 and 15 on PS3 have the old school Sega NHL '04 in there. Is it better on one or the other, or exact same shit? Phone Post 3.0

('94) Phone Post 3.0

Such a specific question... I am curious to see how this ends.

I wanna make Gretzky's head bleed. Phone Post 3.0

Anyone? Phone Post 3.0


Mmhmmm. 15 too. Which betta? Phone Post 3.0

KOArtist - I wanna make Gretzky's head bleed. Phone Post 3.0

Little waynes legs are kicking.

Nothing for me? YOU WORTHLESS BASTAGES :'( Phone Post 3.0

It's fun as fuck.  The physics didn't seem quite the same but I haven't played 94 since back in the day.  Just the nostalgia alone made it awesome.

opieandjimmy - I have it for 14 and it's 94 physics and updated graphics, it's fun as shit but there is online only local Phone Post 3.0
Good enough for me. Thanks man VU Phone Post 3.0